Growth Hacking and User Expirience Services, Pro Bono Work For Startups

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Growth Hacking And User Experience

Hi, I’m Milos – I’ve been working in the IT industry for 9+ years with international companies
helping them to promote their brands using latest marketing and design techniques.

No obligations or upfront contracts.

Improving your brand’s online presence

Users land and stay on your homepage for the duration of only few seconds.
I will help you redesign your company’s identity to be easily accessible to your upcoming clients.

brand promotion

The first step is revitalizing your brand and promoting it to your target clients while addressing the key points of your products.

marketing strategy

With your business niche, market and target users defined, we’ll devise your marketing strategy together and measure it using the latest industry tools.

search engine optimization

With SEO Reports, Keyword Research and Analytics, I’ll re-structure your page to follow latest search engine guidelines to provide the most optimized experience.

my multi-disciplinary skillset

I might be the jack of all trades, but I am actually the master of one – Web Design. However, I evolved over that to develop and implement my designs into functional WordPress themes, and prepare strategies for SEO, content marketing and continuous branding to achieve proper brand awareness for your future customers. If you didn’t had the chance yet, try out My Free Quote Offer.

Pro-Bono Marketing For Startups

offers for struggling teams

As I became more involved with the startup scene I noticed that there are many young teams who do not promote their products properly to the upcoming investors, either because their lack of funding or the lack of time for actual web design and/or marketing.

With this in mind I am openly offering my services pro-bono for the startups which I will personally select.

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Q: Milos, why are you giving away your paid time for free?!

A: I came from a poor family, worked several jobs at the same time since I was 17, suffered through two deaths of family relatives, and much more. I know what a real struggle is and how much it means if someone helps you out during hard times. And yes I am being fully transparent with my offer.

Disclaimer: Only the startups which I select will work with me pro-bono. Unfortunately I cannot accept all submissions for obvious scheduling reasons.

Entrepreneurship Blogging

sharing my journey as I go

I’m not a great writer, but I work to improve it everyday 🙂

Visit my blog below where I share how-to articles for business owners related to productivity, startups and fitness (chest up, shoulders back, keep that posture good!).

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