Who Is Milos?

I Am Here To Help You Become More Productive Version of Yourself.

One of my beliefs is that there is no life without constant progress.

So with my help you can become a multidisciplinary entrepreneur by working hard, playing smart and thus thriving in several areas of your life – family, business and fitness.

Before I start, let me tell you in short what I actually do with this official intro:

Milos is a WordPress consultant skilled in the areas of Web Design, Internet Marketing and Project Management who worked in the past 9+ years in the online industry with local and international companies helping them to improve their online presence with the latest design and marketing techniques.

With experiences ranging from managing membership sites, WordPress theme design, online re-branding, website administration, general SEO, and print design to co-founding startup projects and creating internal SaaS services,  I started this blog to offer some of my advice to the upcoming (and current) entrepreneurs.

Now let’s get to the juicy parts…

My Life Story (with my usual No-Holds-Barred Approach)

Since my school years I always tackled with computers (Commodore era), arcade games, writing, drawing or anything else which would take me into my “crazy scientist room” to work on my secret plans.

I was always passionate with my dreams and followed that I wanted to do, which didn’t work out with some of the things that were suited for teenagers back then – you have to finish school, get a college degree and obtain a job in your profession.

You know how it is.

So during my high-school years I ran around and picked tons of side jobs including working as a car mechanic, factory cleaner, carpenter, warehouse assistant, computer hardware technician, and so on.

During these times the internet (with 56K modems) started coming up and naturally I immersed myself completely in it – I started learning HTML in then-popular Netscape Navigator and playing with Paint Shop Pro.

For all you techies interested what I did to start my own freelance business, check out this post on Siege Workshop’s Blog.

Cue few years later, during my twenties I started learning about this new “freelance” thing which allowed you to work from home and have a stable income.

Absolute freedom, at last.
Absolute freedom, at last.

During those years I was working a usual corporate 9-5 job but after it I was spending all my nights drawing out plans and planning on how I won’t have a boss and that I’ll be always be in control of my time. Sounds familiar, right?

I started learning new skills and testing out software like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and actually built my first site! Now we’re talking.

Few months further in I got my first local client and after that my business started expanding rapidly – people from other countries started emailing me and offering me to work on their projects.

Along the way I picked up another set of skills like Search Engine Optimization, Marketing and Keyword Research. My skill set was rapidly expanding every day and I was really happy!

But another fire was burning inside me.
I had to build something else. Something new.
Something that will release me from the clutches of all those freelance gigs.

So with few months of planning I started WPFortress, a small WordPress team which sold plugins and themes on the Envato Marketplace.

But something unplanned happened – instead of buying our products, customers opted-in to work with us on private projects… which turned out to be just another set of additional freelance gigs 🙂

So now I was back in the same place I’ve been – managing freelance projects for those clients and also working on another set of freelance gigs from my “old” clients.

Things didn't looked good.
Things didn’t look good. At all.

Everything started piling up and my free time started going down.

My social life was non-existent and my regular meal plans were composed of junk food and lots of coffee combined with stress eating.

I had to do something, really quick.

I Initiated The Self Destruction Sequence

Sounds like something from the movies (I’m an 80’s nerd!) but it was like that. I signed off all my freelance contracts, closed the web-design agency and took a year-long rest.

I married my long-time girlfriend Dunja and we started living together. Oh, and we got an crazy labrador named Arnie (whose hobbies include stealing my garden gloves and hiding my work tools in our yard).

Arnie - the before and "during" years of craziness.
Arnie – the before and “during” years of utter craziness.

Back In The Business (Beam Me Up, Scotty)

After reviewing all my past business failures and mistakes, I made a master plan to get my startup ideas on track and to work on some passive income projects as well.

I called few of my old clients and it turns out they were thrilled that I was back on track and were eager to start working on joint projects again!

But this time I learned the importance of time management, productivity tools and lifestyle design.

This time it’s completely different:

I have time for my family.
I can enjoy my hobbies.
I can read my favourite books anytime I want.
I can take road trips and enjoy all the best that nature offers.

Did I mentioned that, beside working on 3 personal projects, consulting several startup companies combined with multiple online clients that I also manage a private gym where I coach friends on strength training and nutrition?

You can always fulfill your dreams – but you need to work hard, and to work smart.

Here’s a quick tip for you to keep in mind before I move forward:

Failures happen everyday, so don’t be too hard on yourself.
Be realistic, assess the problem and figure out a workaround.
Everything can be solved.

My Fitness Journey and When Body Transformation Goes Wrong

To make few things clear before I start – I am a huge believer in strength training, strongman conditioning, mobility work and scientific-based nutrition approach.

I do not believe in popular fitness fads or any fitness/nutrition program that describes itself as the only way to be stronger or to lose weight. Those kind of fancy programs are ridiculous, over-the-top egoistic and not tailored for individuals. Let’s leave it at that.

Since we have that cleared up, let’s go to my fitness story…

During my childhood I was always known as overweight kid who was bad at sports. I was never interested to engage in school’s sports activities, and whenever I was forced into it (to get a grade) – I was usually the laughing stock of the whole class 🙂 As for actual sports, believe me I tried them all… swimming, soccer, karate, basketball and few others.

Thinking back about it, I was never a lazy kid – after school was over I had to go and work at my grandparents farm and then go back home and do finish my daily house chores.

All of that is nothing special per se, but sports – which involved other people in particular – never seemed appealing to me.

And this wasn’t because I didn’t like other people, but because the whole thing never relied just on myself. Yeah, I am a control freak 🙂

Now to go back to my mid-twenties after I finished school and went through several jobs – I was extremely obese. At my height of 6’6″ people were usually telling me that I’m big but that never bothered me much.. until I hit the weight of 330lbs and looked at myself in the mirror.

Just a quick sidenote – I am one of those people who learn by doing, not by reading.

And I always used myself as a live experiment – not for just startup ideas and “rags to riches” plans, but for fitness as well.

Having said that, I tried everything – crash diets, low carb diets, no carb diets, low fat diets, magazine diets and so on. Same thing for workouts and supplements – “hollywood actor workouts”, shred-your-abs-in-3-weeks plans, fat burner pills and things like that.

During my first few weeks in the gym I could squat an empty bar (45lbs) for the maximum of 8 repetitions. I couldn’t run for more than 10 minutes on the treadmill. While being 6’6″ at 330lbs. Yeah.

So by trying and testing all of the above, in the period of only few months I lost 139 pounds (63 kgs). Yes, you are reading that right. I went from 330lbs to 191lbs.

I felt completely exhausted, extremely weak and utterly malnourished.

Losing weight – This is NOT how to do it properly.

So what I did after that? Naturally, I gained 60lbs back by binge eating during the weekends to “reward” myself for keeping up with my low calorie intake diet which I held during work days.

After few more months of testing and trying new workouts and plans, I stumbled upon Starting Strength and immersed myself into the whole strength training ideology which seemed really interesting to me.

Then I got connected to several online strength coaches, met lots of local ones (who were working with national teams), and obtained proper fitness literature.

One year after, I picked up 500 pounds from the floor (deadlift exercise) and squatted with 405 pounds on my back. I sprinted, ran and jumped like never before. I recomposed my body to actually hold some muscle instead of bones and fat.

Then I heavily strained my left hip and got the infamous hip bursitis (thanks to sitting 13+ hours in my chair). But it’s always trial and error for me… after few months of do-it-yourself rehab and mobility work, I am now back to lifting 330 370 pounds 🙂


Everything I learned in the past few years about fitness was while working with strength coaches, starting my own private gym, learning to program my lifting routines, reading tons of books, deconstructing techniques, coaching other people, watching premium videos of national team coaches and actually testing everything in practice.

The Iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you’re a god or a total bastard. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds ~ Henry Rollins

To cut few things short, I plan out to write really down-to-earth and step-by-step articles that will be tailored for the individuals working from home or for the entrepreneurs who are always on the run with busy schedules.

Because in the nutshell it is really simple – you have to add some form of training, you have to eat right amount of calories, and to throw in some kind of mobility work.

To make that point more valid, in the past 4 months I lost 25lbs of fat while eating chocolate bars, potato chips and pizzas — all that while becoming stronger and increasing my lifting numbers (this is not actually 100% healthy but I approach my nutrition plans to include my favourite foods).

And here’s the cold, hard truth – there are no magic workouts, quick diet pills or some “secret” plans which fitness experts take in order to look and perform good.

Moderation, discipline and self-respect are the things you need to have in mind, nothing else.

More on that in the next few weeks.

You Are Much Stronger Than You Think

I would really like to hear your personal stories and struggles that you are overcoming on the daily basis. Please reach out to me in the comments below or via Twitter – I’ll be thrilled to hear you out.

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