FooBox Gallery 101: Managing a WordPress Gallery Plugin Without Coding Knowledge

FooBox is the only WordPress-based gallery plugin which I can recommend to my clients and friends who need a reliable solution to create website galleries, slideshows, and many more — be sure to check out their extensions if you need to create video slideshows or add a website top-bar to promote your products.

With the FooBox Gallery installed and configured on your website, you can easily create new albums and manage current ones by following my quick how-to steps below.

Adding New Images To Your Albums

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin
  2. On the right side of your screen, click on FooGallery
  3. Your current albums will be listed on the main page, like this:foobox-gallery-view
  4. Click on the gallery’s name to edit it
  5. You’ll be inside gallery edit screen. Click the Add Media button to add a new image, here:
  6. Click on the Upload Files tab (or choose pre-existing image from your Media Library)
  7. Select the file from your computer and click Add Media
  8. Once your image has been added, you can click and drag to reorder it like this.
  9. After you’ve completed everything, click on the Update button on the right side to publish your changes.

Deleting Images

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin
  2. On the right side of your screen, click on FooGallery
  3. Click on the album’s name
  4. Place your mouse pointer over the image which you’d like to delete, like so:
  5. Click the X button/icon.
  6. Update your changes by clicking the Update button on the right side of the screen.
  7. If you mistakenly removed on of the images, don’t worry! Just click on the Add Media button, then on the Media Library tab — and find your image in there.

Adding An Album Inside Your Page (or Blog Post)

Inserting new albums is very simple — you just need to add a your gallery while editing your page or a blog post.

  1. Edit the post/page where you want to insert the album in
  2. Click once somewhere within your text/content (this is where your album will be placed)
  3. Just below your headline area, click on the Add FooGallery button, here:
  4. Choose one of your galleries and click Insert Gallery
  5. Once you are done, be sure to update your post to save changes.

Wrapping Up

Those are the basics that should cover your beginning steps with this amazing plugin. Be sure to bookmark this page as I will be adding new tips and tricks (especially marketing tips) on how can you edit these albums and galleries to fit your company’s brand.

One more thing… the company who made that plugin has made something called FooBar which allows you to make notification bars like these…


You can completely customize it to fit your brand — and add links to your latest products inside, or even better yet, if you are promoting your product add a 10% off! promotion and place it in the FooBar.

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