Introducing a Completely Free Service From An Experienced Team of WordPress Professionals

During past few months I noticed an ongoing trend among people looking to present their product or a business using a WordPress website – they buy a domain, a shared hosting plan and after few weeks their website starts loading really slow, receives large number of spam comments, login hacking attempts and much more.

Then those business owners contact someone from my team so we can fix all of their issues and migrate their website to a secure WordPress managed hosting provider which provides daily backups, increased security and improved page loading times using latest CDN technologies.

But before our clients came to us — they were still losing time and money researching hosting options, how to setup and install a WordPress-based website just so they were able to actually start working on their product idea and grow into a profitable business.

I consulted with my team of WordPress developers and we reviewed some of websites which our clients shown us… dated themes and plugins, shared hostings and low security systems were just some of the few things which we had noticed.

That’s Why We Partnered With A Top-Notch WordPress Hosting Provider to Offer a Free WordPress Website Setup!

Why would you do this? Thing is, you already need to buy website hosting in order to get you new website up.

If you signup for our free service and purchase hosting through our partner, you will get a quality WordPress-specific secure hosting and a website setup from an experienced team of WordPress professionals who’d like to see your product idea get an online presence it deserves.

After we completed the initial setup you can dig in and start focusing on adding your content and tweaking your new website.

Here’s what you will get with our service:

  • WordPress website with a free theme of your choice
  • Set of recommended WordPress plugins
  • WordPress How-To Videos (WordPress 101) to get you started
  • Our Top 10 WordPress Management Tips eBook
  • Discount on our Maintenance Hero™ system
  • We’ll give you suggestions on popular premium themes
  • Discount on any custom work that you might need in the future

Setup Your Website In Just 3 Steps!

  • 1. Signup for a website hosting by clicking here.
  • Please note that you are eligible for our service only if you signup through that link, because we’ll receive a small commission from it (which won’t affect your hosting pricing in any way).
  • 2. Send us the hosting receipt here (and login info) which you received upon purchase.
  • 3. Fill out the questionnaire below.
  • (optional) If you don’t have a domain yet, buy it here.
  • (optional) Signup for our newsletter for online business tips and tricks.

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Disclaimer: You are eligible for our free WordPress blog setup only if you signup via links located on this page. With the free WordPress blog setup service Dronestar Media and its employees are not obliged or required to purchase a paid theme, paid plugin or build a custom website or any additional elements for you, which is not a part of this free service.