How Attending Webinars Will Inspire You To Bootstrap Your Startup Projects

Webinars made by some companies can be a tricky thing – lots of them do not offer quality information because their main goal is to upsell you to some premium product.

Just to be clear — I don’t disagree with this marketing strategy per se, however there’s one thing that needs to be addressed here which grinds my gears a lot…

As a business owner or a marketing director, primary goal of your webinars should be to help out your potential customers by offering them a clear, concise advice for their issues. Your product should be just a secondary (and optional) offer in this case.

Now that you know my stance on webinars, let me tell you which amazing companies I discovered that offer great content within their presentations 🙂



As an avid reader of Neil Patel’s blog I discovered KISSMetrics, one of his amazing companies. I attended lots of their free webinars and during all this time there has been nothing but great content and helpful advice from top-notch industry experts.

Their webinars are very interactive – you can ask questions or post comments, connect with webinar authors via social media, and download webinar recording and slides. With all this in mind, head out to their Webinar Library and sign up for one of them – you won’t regret it!

Hubspot Academy


HubSpot is the third largest marketing automation vendor by market share [1].

With this information in mind I am really thrilled that they offer free, no-signup-required information for striving marketers and entrepreneurs. Through HubSpot Academy you can access all their previous and upcoming webinars, download slides, to-dos and additional resources. Neat, huh?



Webinars by Moz (or Mozinars) cover a variety of topics related to business management, content strategies and SEO-related advice.

As other webinars which I’ve mentioned above, these are also very interactive – you can engage with presenters via Twitter, send them a message via email and download presentation slides. Free sign-up is required to access these webinars, but don’t let this hold you back – you’ll miss lots of great content.

Webinars by LeadPages


During my career I had a pleasure to work with Clay Collins and Tracy Simmons from LeadPages — and having said this I can personally vouch that they are one of the most professional and caring individuals out there who are really passionate about marketing and helping out numerous businesses to succeed with advanced strategies and latest industry tools.

So with all that information in mind you can be sure that you’ll get lots of free valuable information from webinars led by their expert team – so head out here and sign up 🙂

Now that you have access to all the great webinars listed above, let’s continue on our topic…

Why I Started Utilizing Webinars For Business Inspiration

Trust me, there isn’t a page large enough where I could write down all my startup business failures or how many times I got stuck and procrastinated to forget about problems in mind.

During those times, while learning from my mistakes I realized that obviously I’m not the only one who didn’t failed with his startup dreams — and this is why I started my search for startup mentors, business-related advice and inspiring stories from industry experts.

So few years ago, while webinars started getting popular I attended one of them – what could I lose, right? Well it turned out that I could learn about latest industry practices and connect with top experts at the same time, without any obligations except for giving away my email address 🙂 And that’s not all.

Aside from aquiring all that great information, almost every time I attended some webinar I got a new business idea in mind – because most of the webinars were showcasing successful businesses and startup experts who are leading the industry that was a topic of those webinars. Sounds awesome, right?

So Here Are Few To-Dos To Get You Started


1. While looking at the webinars which I listed above, select one of the topics that are related to your industry and/or expertise.

2. Look up the names of the presenters and research their social profiles and personal blogs so you can quickly connect with them and ask any additional questions after the webinar.

3. Conduct a quick research of the webinar’s topic to get your basics clear – this way you’ll know to ask more advanced questions which are not easy to find through regular Google search.

4. Prepare your questions in advance and have your Evernote open all the time during the webinar.

5. Almost every webinar has a section where the presenter showcases successful examples of some business strategy – be sure to look out for that section and focus on the actual business leaders who implemented and profited from that strategy (you can look at that strategy on the slides later anyway).

Now, write their names and research their businesses to get some pointers on what are they doing now and how their companies work.

6. During the webinar, don’t be shy to openly present your business and ask a question directly related to your startup idea – not only you’ll get valuable answer, but you will connect with other attendees as well and expand your business circle.

Closing Thoughts and An Honorable Mention

I hope some of the things I wrote (and expirienced) above will help you to get started on webinars and hopefully light few idea bulbes along the way.

And by all means, do let me know about your webinar expiriences in the comments below, and share some great resources which I haven’t listed! 🙂

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Image Credits by PicJumbo, you guys rock as always.