Smart Method to Utilize Time Zone Converters for Meetings

While looking at the agenda for the upcoming meeting and its time schedule, one of the usual time-consuming tasks was setting up the actual time for it. During one of regular calls with one of my co-workers, one question was always in the air…

Which time is that in your time zone?

…heard that question? Yeah, few times I bet 🙂

After hearing that question you start doing the math via some “time zone calculator” and breaking your mind trying to figure how that ’90’s era calculator works. Did I mention that you need to open a new tab and do the same thing all over again if you plan to meet with people who are scattered on multiple locations?

Well… your troubles are over. After going through the same problems myself, I found easy (and quick) solution for time zone conversion called WorldTimeBuddy.


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use WorldTimeBuddy time zone converter…

Before your start

Click on the “Sign In” button at the top right corner and sign in with your social account. I recommend this step because WorldTimeBuddy will remember your settings next time you use it.

Step 1 – Add Location(s)

Click on the top bar at the right and type your location first. Once you’ve added that, repeat the process until you’ve added all the locations from your meeting peers.


Step 2 – Convert Time Zones

While holding your left mouse button, click and drag the time of the actual meeting. Let’s say that my meeting schedule is from 5PM to 7PM EST. I’ll click on number 5 and drag it all the way to 7PM EST like so:


Step 3 – You’re all done!

As shown above, by selecting the 5PM – 7PM EST I now know which time that is for my peers at Vancouver and Belgrade. I can even click on “link to this selection” and share that converted time to anyone that will be attending the meeting! Here’s an example of that.

BONUS Step – Add The Meeting To Your Calendar

When you draw out and select the time, click on “Google Calendar” button above. You’ll be able to add that meeting to your calendar with included time zone conversions automatically added to the meeting’s description. Neat, huh?

BONUS Step – Create A Widget For Your Own Website!

Go to the Event Widgets page and customize your widget on the right side (add the date of the event and duration). Check out the demo below:

Time converter at

Now that looks awesome! All you have to do now is to copy and paste that code inside your WordPress page or on a sidebar of your WordPress site (Appearance > Widgets, Text widget).

I’ve also done some advanced styling (different colors and fonts) to the widget above using some coding — let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to explain that bit.

Final Notes and Other Features of WorldTimeBuddy

Be sure to check out the Features page to see all other things that this great web app offers. Since I discovered this app I forgot all those nasty little math-like converters that you can find all over the web 🙂

What app do you use for time zone conversion? Be sure to let me know in the comments down below, and feel free to share this post!

Image Credits by PicJumbo, you guys rock.